House Conservatives Targeted by Bloomberg-Soros-Zuckerberg Amnesty Snake Oil Peddlers

By Ronald W. Mortensen on October 22, 2013

According to USA Today, around 300 "conservatives" will be flown to Washington D.C. by the same people who brought us the 2008 economic meltdown, record levels of illegal immigration, rampant child identity theft, a declining middle class, and efforts to implement gun control, and who openly consort with self-declared felons.

Sponsors of the "fly-in" include Michael Bloomberg (Partnership for a New American Economy), Mark Zuckerberg (, George Soros (National Immigration Forum) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Their plan is to use their "useful idiot" pastors, farmers, police chiefs, and business owners to sell comprehensive immigration reform to conservative Republicans despite the fact that it grants amnesty to illegal aliens and their employers while at the same time contributing to the destruction of the American middle class, the Republican Party and the futures of millions of American children.

How effective they will be depends on whether the legislators they meet with see them for who they really are rather than who they are pretending to be.

For example, according USA Today, a pastor from John Boehner's district will argue that the system is not working for illegal aliens who are "hurting." Of course, the good pastor has swallowed the myth of the "otherwise law-abiding" illegal alien hook, line, and sinker.

The pastor will never admit that illegal aliens routinely use the Social Security numbers of innocent American children and he will never acknowledge that these American kids are "hurting" as their good names and futures are destroyed by these illegal aliens.

If members of Congress accept the pastor's argument at face value, he may just influence them to vote for amnesty. However, if they recognize that the pastor is siding with felons rather than with their victims, they will reject his amnesty pleas.

Wimpy, appeasement-oriented police chiefs will try make the argument that they cannot possibly enforce federal immigration laws in spite of the fact that they routinely enforce a wide variety of other federal laws.

These defeatist chiefs will say that they have to allow illegal aliens to get away with felony forgery, felony identity theft, felony perjury, driving without a license, gang activities, and other crimes, otherwise the illegal aliens won't trust them.

However, if members of Congress will just remember that these chiefs are giving the 75 percent of illegal aliens who are committing serious job-related felonies total immunity from their crimes – identity theft, forgery, document fraud and Social Security fraud – they will disregard the chiefs' amnesty pleas. And they will tell these appeasement chiefs to put on their big-boy-pants and enforce the law rather than pandering to criminals.

Members of Chambers of Commerce will try to convince legislators that they need millions of foreign workers at all income and skill levels in order to grow the American economy even though millions of Americans remain unemployed.

Foreign-born tech billionaires will argue that Americans will benefit if they are allowed to bring in millions of their countrymen to take the jobs of American citizens at lower wages and fewer benefits.

The Chamber of Commerce will further argue that employers need to retain the illegal aliens that they have employed for years. They will say that employers cannot replace illegal aliens with legal workers and that more immigration is required because Americans lack the skills required to do these jobs or that they are simply too lazy do them.

If House Republicans will just stop and reflect on the number of American workers that these business and high tech leaders have terminated and continue to terminate while advocating for millions of additional immigrants, they will not fall for their arguments. And if they reflect on just how little these business leaders do to help prepare Americans for jobs of the future, they will reject their pleas for virtual open borders.

Will House members recognize that the Bloomberg-Soros-Zuckerberg "useful idiots" are selling nothing more than amnesty snake oil or will they naively buy it? Only time will tell.