Does McCain Really Mean that 75 Percent of Illegal Aliens Will Be Denied Legal Status?

By Ronald W. Mortensen on January 30, 2013

During an appearance on CBS This Morning, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said: "People who have not committed a crime here or done something wrong will have a legal status, but they will not be able to have citizenship until they line up behind those who came here legally to get a green card on a path to citizenship."

If you take Sen. McCain at his word, then at least three-quarters of illegal aliens will be denied legal status. Why? Because according to the Social Security administration, as proudly reported by the ACLU, three-quarters of illegal aliens pay payroll taxes, which means that they are using fraudulently obtained Social Security numbers. Thus, they have committed a federal crime — felony Social Security fraud.

In addition, if they have completed an I-9 form, they have committed perjury, which is another federal felony. And if the fraudulently obtained Social Security number they use belongs to an American citizen, they have committed felony identity theft and felony forgery under state laws.

So, will Sen. McCain stand by his statement or will he issue a clarification saying that he misspoke and really meant to say that "people who have not been convicted of a crime here will have a legal status and an eventual path to citizenship."

I'd bet on the clarification. After all, Sen. McCain wants all 11 million illegal aliens to be able to stay, regardless of the crimes that they have committed, even if it means turning his back on the innocent American victims of those crimes.