Could Trump's Immigration Plan Work?

By Ronald W. Mortensen on August 25, 2015

The consensus of establishment Republicans, the media, political pundits, and other elites appears to be that Trump cannot implement his immigration proposals. If anyone other than Trump were proposing it, they would likely be right. However, a closer look at the Trump plan shows that it could work if Trump uses his warrior personality and deal-making ability to push it forward.

The elites state unequivocally that Trump cannot possibly deport 11 million illegal aliens, although Trump is now saying that the total number of illegal aliens could be as high as 30 million. These naysayers fail to note, however, that Trump offers an expedited path to legalization for the "good ones" if they will just return to their home countries in order to apply for legal entry and go through the normal background and other checks required for legal entry.

It is, therefore, possible that several million illegal aliens would take him up on the offer and pay their own way back to their home countries in order to apply for legalization. (This would be less expensive that what they paid coyotes to smuggle them into the United States.) The full implementation of E-Verify, another part of Trump's program, would further increase the incentive for people to take his offer of legalization. So, there would be no taxpayer cost for that part of the program and there would no need to deport the "good ones."

The remaining millions of illegal aliens who are not among the "good ones" would be compelled to leave in a variety of ways. Individuals who have been convicted of felonies and criminal misdemeanors would be deported straight out in order to protect Americans from murderers, rapists, child abusers, drug dealers, gangbangers, identity thieves and a wide variety of other criminals.

As spelled out in Trump's policy paper, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would be strengthened and there would be no sanctuary cities. Illegal aliens already in American jails and prisons would no longer be put back on American streets but would be returned to their home countries and there would be no more catch and release. ICE and local gang task forces would work hand-in-glove to catch and expel illegal alien gangbangers and the mandatory use of E-Verify would dry up jobs for illegal aliens. The cost of these activities would be more than offset by the American lives saved, reduced incarceration expenditures, and lower crime rates.

By linking visas to America's needs, immigration would serve American interests and create jobs for Americans. This in turn would allow Americans to get off public assistance which would result in savings to the taxpayers and greater tax revenues to governments at all levels. With 93 million Americans out of the workforce, there are more than enough potential workers to replace the illegal aliens who leave the United States and do not return. And the Trump plan would further ensure that those coming legally into the United States would be self-reliant and would not be a burden to taxpayers.

Finally, key to the entire Trump plan is the construction of an impenetrable wall and the implementation of a tracking system which will ensure that those who enter legally depart when they are supposed to. Given Trump's warrior personality and his proven ability to make deals, it is highly likely that Mexico will pay for the wall one way or the other and higher visa fees could offset the cost of a visa-tracking system and additional enforcement agents.

Therefore, Trump's plan is feasible but it will require someone with strong leadership skills, an exceptional ability to make deals, and the drive to make it work.

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