When in Doubt, Make It Up

By John Miano on August 23, 2011

Advocates for cheap-labor guestworker programs, like H-1B, long ago found a solution to their problem of lacking data to support their position: simply make it up.

The latest example comes in a press release from MonolithIC 3D Inc. That press release states:

An illustrative case of a mindless throw of the dice instead of thoughtful selection is our Chief Scientist, Deepak Sekar, who is doing a tremendous job for MonolithIC 3D Inc. and had a very impressive record even when he applied for the H1B in 2008," says Or-Bach. "In that year, 150,000 people applied for 65,000 H1B visas. A computer-based random lottery was performed to give out the visas. It is sheer luck that he is in the United States today!

MonolithIC 3D wants us to believe that very few H-1B applications are getting approved: only 43 percent according to these numbers.

The real numbers say otherwise.

The actual H-1B figures are available online from the government. On p. 4 one finds that there were 122,634 H-1B visa applications (not 150,000) and that 109,335 visas were approved (not 65,000). That means fully 89 percent of the visa applications that year were approved.

Let us hope that MonolithIC 3D's product claims are not as false as their political claims.