Is Visa Abuse Instinctive at IBM?

By John Miano on September 19, 2012

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When I think of visa abuse, the first company that comes to mind is IBM. Whenever I am doing research on some aspect of employment-based visa abuse, IBM always seems to pop up.

Previously I posted excerpts from an e-mail chain between an IBM employee and IBM HR. There, IBM HR explained why they would not hire Americans until "visa ready" workers were not available. Before that I posted an advertisement from an employment agency that claimed to be hiring for IBM and was only looking for Indians on H-1B visas in the United States.

Today I was doing research for a case on I stumbled across an advertisement from IBM for a software engineer job in Atlanta.

The job requirements state that the applicant must be on Optional Practical Training (OPT), a work authorization on a student visa, and "Must possess India work authorization". In other words, you have to be a foreign worker from India to apply for this job in the United States.

I looked around and found that there are quite a number of similar advertisements posted for IBM. Either people are posting fake IBM job advertisements or visa abuse and discrimination are so firmly established at IBM that the company engages in it instinctively.