Replacing Americans

By John Miano on October 7, 2013

Byron York noticed the great paradox of the cheap labor efforts of American business. York observed last week that Merck plans to lay off one-fifth of its workers. Yet its V.P of human resources sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi demanding Congress allow more foreign labor into the country.

Meanwhile, ComputerWorld reports that Northeast Utilities plans to outsource its computer operations to H-1B body shops. Companies are able to fire the technology workers they have, find foreign replacements, and still claim there is a worker shortage.

It is also worth noting that Congress has been aware that Americans are being replaced by H-1B workers for nearly 20 years and that Congress has acted affirmatively to ensure that replacing Americans remains legal.

The politicians in Washington are so beholden to money interests that the needs of the American people are not even on the agenda.


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