Replacement of Americans by Foreign Workers Doesn't Fit Media Narrative

By John Miano on November 18, 2016

Throughout the 2016 election, most of the American media exhibited TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome. After the election was over, the media discovered what most Americans knew already: that they existed in a bubble isolating them from reality.

Immigration is one of the great divides between the media ordinary Americans. For example, if I put forth the proposition “The government should encourage employers to replace Americans with foreign workers," 90 percent or more of Americans would disagree.

Yet Hillary Clinton is an enthusiastic supporter of replacing Americans with foreign workers; see here and here.

Along comes Donald Trump and he says that we should put an end to replacing Americans with foreign workers. It is any surprised that Clinton lost?

As Michelle Malkin and I describe in Sold Out, Americans being replaced by foreign workers does not fit the narrative of immigration that the American media wants to tell: "Immigrants don't take jobs; they only create jobs."

In order to preserve that politically correct, fantasy narrative, the American media censors the news when foreign workers replace Americans. If you want to learn about this ugly side of the American immigration system you have to find out about it through Breitbart or ComputerWorld.

Until the New York Times reported on Disney replacing American employees with foreign workers last year, this news had largely been banished from the mainstream press. When Disney's local paper, the Orlando Sentinel, reported on the layoffs, it left out the part about how those losing their jobs were being replaced by foreign workers.

Over at the Washington Post there has been very little coverage of this practice since the mid-1990s. Even where their web site mentions Disney, they point the reader to the New York Times.

There has been some talk that the media would try to break out of its bubble. However, it is clear that Trump Derangement Syndrome is apparently incurable at the Washington Post. The Post's Matt O'Brien launched a smear of Breitbart. In particular, O'Brien criticizes Breitbart's coverage of Americans being replaced by foreign workers:

If his "alt-right" website Breitbart is any guide, he'd probably say that tech companies abuse H-1B visas to replace native-born programmers with cheaper foreign-born ones. The only problem with that, as economists Giovanni Peri, Kevin Shih, and Chad Sparber found, is that it isn't really the case.

There you have it: According to the Washington Post, Americans are not being replaced by foreign workers and Breitbart is lying when it says this is happening.

So does that mean that when the Americans at Disney, New York Life, Abbott Labs, Southern California Edison, Harley-Davidson, Toy R Us, etc. were told they were being replaced by foreign workers on H-1B visas that it really was just a joke and they can return to work on Monday?

Alternatively, is it possible that Breitbart is the real source of news and the Washington Post is still in its bubble, with its biases causing it to print disinformation as news?

TDS shows no sign of disappearing.