A Pro-American-Worker Regulatory Agenda from DHS

By John Miano on December 19, 2017

Last week the Trump administration published its regulatory agenda for the Department of Homeland Security. This is the planned list of proposed regulations. There are a number of items on the agenda addressing immigration issues.

This is the first time in decades American workers could look at such an agenda and not cringe. The Bush administration used immigration regulations to assault working Americans and President Obama appeared to take joy in using them to run over American workers.

Under President Trump, all of the administrative actions are for the benefit of American workers. What a change!

The agenda only gives an overview of what's being worked on; one can get a general idea, but there are few specific details. However, items on the agenda related to working Americans include:

Some of the more interesting ones that are not directly related to American workers are:

  • Long overdue exit tracking of alien visitors; and
  • Changes to the EB-5, green-cards-for-sale program.

Of course, it is the details of these regulations that really matter and the regulations actually have to be promulgated. Pressure will be required to ensure that action is taken and that the regulation process is not hijacked by lobbyists. However, for the first time in decades, there is nothing in the agenda that working Americans should be concerned about.

The next step in the regulatory process is that DHS will publish proposed regulations in the Federal Register and give the public an opportunity to comment on them. Then DHS will address the comments and decide whether to promulgate a final regulation.

But of course, while American workers have been celebrating the agenda, reaction in the mainstream media is overwhelmingly negative, reflecting its terminal case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). On MSN, one finds the dire headline "Under Trump, Indian H-1B wives fear becoming second-class citizens again".

This agenda illustrates why Donald Trump is president. The media's reaction demonstrates that it has no clue why we have a President Trump.