More H-1B Non-Reform

By John Miano on August 16, 2023

Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi’s (D-Ill.) “High-skilled Immigration Reform for Employment Act” was introduced on July 14, but the text was just recently posted.

The bill doubles the base quota on H-1B visas, used to replace American technology workers with cheap, foreign workers, from 65,000 to 130,000. The bill also removes the quota on H-1B visas for graduates of U.S. universities. That effectively means no limits on H-1B visas.

For a bit of sugar, bill appropriates $25,000,000 a year for education grants.

The bill purports to reform H-1B visa, but where is the reform? Does it address displacement of Americans? Does it address the massive fraud in H-1B? Does it address the restrictions on enforcement?

No, there is no reform in the bill whatsoever.

The bill also contains obvious drafting errors, suggesting that it written by lobbyists. It is pretty clear whose lobbyists wrote the bill.