A Missed Opportunity

Trump's response to the use of foreign workers at the TVA is another consequence of bad staffing decisions

By John Miano on July 20, 2020

For the past few years, whenever I have asked anyone in the government about the source of problems in the Trump Administration, the one-word answer has always been the same: staffing. Trump’s White House problem is so well known that apparently he is the only one not aware of it.

I have written several times in the past, President Trump has undermined himself by filling the administration with people who do not support the platform on which he was elected.

I suspect that President Trump’s heart is still where it was in 2016, but he has put in place White House obstacles that prevent plans from implementing that agenda from reaching him.

A great opportunity for Trump to step up and be a hero is apparently being squandered. In the midst of the pandemic, the Tennessee Valley Authority (a government-owned corporation) is replacing Americans with foreign workers. If Trump were to come down hard on this it would show he stands with working Americans and would show how the conglomerate-controlled media’s claims his restrictions on non-immigrant guestworkers are costing jobs.

But clearly no one in the White House has been briefing Trump on the TVA.

US Tech Workers has been running advertisements attacking the fate of American workers at the TVA and calling on President Trump to take action:



Rather than step up and joint the fight, Trump has attacked the messenger, for "Fake T.V. ads":



The TVA situation highlights the staffing problem in the Trump White House. Trump has put in place people who have cut the president off from the people who voted for him.