Media Vastly Overstates Role of DACA in Healthcare

By John Miano on May 12, 2020

I do not write much about immigration outside of the guestworker area. My immediate concern over the upcoming Supreme Court decision in the DACA case is over how the opinion will affect American workers. Consequently, over the past few months I have been reading many articles about DACA.

Recently, the American press has been reporting numerical distortions so outrageous that my mathematics degree is forcing me to venture outside the guestworker zone. Just look at the latest marketing for the DACA program and its effect on fighting the China Virus:

Take a look at the figures from such a source and put them in context:

According to the Jerome N. Frank Legal Services organization at Yale Law School and the National Immigration Law Center, 27,000 DACA recipients are healthcare workers.

About 800,000 illegal aliens have received work authorizations under DACA. That means slightly over 3 percent of DACA recipients are working in healthcare.

However 11 percent of the overall workforce is employed in healthcare.

There are about 16 million people employed in healthcare in the United States. DACA recipients then make up 0.17 percent of healthcare workers and DACA recipients are dramatically under-represented in healthcare fields.

A Supreme Court decision on DACA is not going to adversely affect the fight against the China Virus.