Media Gives Little Scrutiny to Industry Claims on H-1B

By John Miano on August 2, 2018

This morning I was working on preparing evidence for a court case. In the background I played a radio segment on H-1B visas from KJZZ in Arizona. In it, an industry spokesman makes the tired claim that employers cannot fill jobs because we are at full employment. American workers are not available so we need foreign workers.

At the same time I had that segment playing, I was working on a log of job applications kept by an experienced computer programmer who had been laid off. Over the five-week period in this particular log, he applied to 146 computer jobs. He wasn't offered a position for any of these jobs. He eventually found a position after five months.

Over the audio, I had an industry spokesman claiming, "In the tech industry there is negative unemployment." In my hands, I had documentation for experienced American workers applying to hundreds of tech jobs without getting hired.

Finally, when you listen to that radio segment, take note of how little scrutiny the commentator gives to the bogus claims of the industry representative — a pure plant piece.