Looking for Foreign Influence on the U.S. Government? Start with the H-1B Program

By John Miano on May 21, 2018

Robert Mueller's investigation of foreign influence in the 2016 election is an endless source of amusement for me. The amount of foreign influence on the U.S. government is staggering. This week Congress gave us yet another example of how foreign influence corrupts our government.

In 2015, President Obama, acting without any authority from Congress, promulgated regulations allowing certain spouses of H-1B workers to be employed without any restrictions. The Obama administration stated, "the rule will ameliorate certain disincentives for talented H-1B nonimmigrants to permanently remain in the United States."

Shortly after this regulation was promulgated, a group of Americans who had worked at Southern California Edison (until they were replaced by H-1B guestworkers) challenged this regulation in court. Rather than defend this clearly unlawful action by Obama, the Trump administration has announced it plans to end these work permits for the spouses of H-1B guestworkers.

Now that these foreign workers are threatened with losing their jobs, Reps. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) and Mia Love (R-Utah) have put forth a letter calling for the Trump administration to preserve their work permits. More than 130 other members of Congress have signed this letter.

When American workers were replaced by H-1B workers at Southern California Edison, Disney, and other companies, does anyone remember Pramila Jayapal and Mia Love springing into action to protect American workers? Does anyone remember 130 representatives condemning the replacement of Americans with such foreign workers?

Of course not.

In fact, Congress responded to employers using loopholes in the law to replace Americans with H-1B workers by making the practices legal.

But when the spouses of the foreign replacements are threatened with losing their jobs, Jayapal and Love are in the thick of the battle. Their actions (along with their 130 cohorts) suggest they do not work for America or Americans, but for foreign interests.

Mr. Mueller, why not look here?