Indian Press Gets It on H-1B

By John Miano on June 28, 2018

If you want to know what's going on in regard to H-1B, you have to read the Indian press. While the American media whines about the Trump administration applying any scrutiny at all to H-1B visa petitions, the Indian press covers the massive fraud that takes place in India.

Of course, if the American media were to cover H-1B fraud, it would undermine their narrative that President Trump is driven by an anti-immigrant animus.

The Indian media regularly throw cold water on the American media's H-1B spin. Unfortunately, few people in the United States get to read it.

The latest example addresses wages. The American media dutifully quotes immigration lawyers and industry lobbyists as they effortlessly lie that H-1B is not used to import low-wage workers. But in this week's Indian news we find multiple reports quoting from the head of an Indian credit rating company that President Trump's H-1B scrutiny will "imped[e] the movement of low-cost skilled labour from India". (Emphasis added.)

Maybe some day the American media will wake up. Until then, it remains useless.