Indian Media Remarkably Candid About H-1B Program

By John Miano on October 13, 2009

The Indian news media is notable for its candor in regard to the H-1B visa program. While advocates in America will proudly claim with straight faces (and 13-inch Pinocchio noses) that H-1B cannot be used for cheap labor, the Indian press will tout the benefits of cheap labor that H-1B provides.

Another area where the Indian press is more straightforward is in the area of access. The Indian press reported last week that a delegation from the trade group NASSCOM came to the U.S. and were reassured that Congress will not address cleaning up H-1B abuse. On the Durbin-Grassley bill they said, "We met with the senators and other stake holders and we can confidently say that the bill will not go for Congressional hearing in its current form."

Previously, the Indian press had reported that their lobbyists had similar access to the Obama administration.

As for senators and the president giving such meetings to U.S. workers ... we're still waiting on that.