Immigration Lawyers Admit H-1B Employers Discriminate Against Americans

By John Miano on April 7, 2015

Sometimes the truth slips out accidentally. The immigration attorney web site has put out a press release about a survey of H-1B employers it conducted. Visanow proclaims in its headline:

U.S. Companies Say H-1B Hires are "Critical" to Success

Their survey found:

The increased need for foreign national talent is not surprising given that more than 83 percent of the companies surveyed indicated that they would have hired a U.S. citizen for the job were they able to find a qualified prospect.

But wait a second. That means that 17 percent of the companies — more than 1 in 6 — would not have hired a U.S. citizen for a job if one were available.


Keep in mind that just 20 companies used up half the H-1B visas last year.

I bet if we saw the list of companies in the survey that said they would not hire Americans, many of the top 20 H-1B users would be on it.

There you have it, straight from the immigration lawyers: Discrimination against U.S. workers is rampant among H-1B employers.