Former Abbott Labs Workers Meet in Chicago

By John Miano on April 26, 2016

It was great to meet so many of you at Flanagan's in North Chicago on Friday. Of course I have mixed feelings because of the source of the event: hundreds of Americans losing their jobs.

In case you have been getting your news from the "mainstream media," Abbott Labs fired much of its American IT staff and replaced them with imports from India through H-1B and other guestworker visa programs.

As usual with such stories that create cognitive dissonance with the media's politically correct narrative on immigration ("Immigrants don't take jobs; they create jobs"), the mainstream has chosen to largely ignore the Abbott Labs story.

This is yet another example of why the American media is completely clueless about the rise of Donald Trump.

Let's see:

  • Jeb Bush is an enthusiastic supporter of replacing Americans with foreign workers, as at Abbott Labs.
  • Marco Rubio sponsored two bills to increase the number of foreign replacements so America could have more Abbott Labs.
  • Donald Trump said that we should not be replacing American workers with foreign workers.

And the American media still thinks Donald Trump is the crazy one.

Wait until the general election, where it is likely Trump will be running against Hillary Clinton who, like the "thoughtful" candidates rejected by Republican voters, is also an enthusiastic supporter of replacing Americans with foreign workers. We can be certain that this will be no obstacle to her getting the endorsement of the New York Times this fall.

The turnout was great at the event Friday for the replaced Abbott Labs workers. Even the Dump Paul Ryan dump truck showed up — along with Paul Nehlen, who is running a primary campaign against Ryan:

Michelle Malkin (second from right), my Sold Out co-author, also was there:

Thanks to Sara Blackwell for organizing the event.