Congress Acting Dumb

By John Miano on December 16, 2011
The Washington Post documents

Rep. Tim Griffin's (R-Ark) difficultly in deciding on a name for a new bill to give green cards to aliens simply because they get graduate degrees in the U.S. He apparently started with the NERDS Act (New Employees for Research & Development and STEM) but settled on BRAIN Act (Bringing and Retaining Accomplished Innovators for the Nation).

I’ve got a suggestion for Rep. Griffin: The CAD Act – Congress Acting Dumb.

The Post reports

Griffin emphasized that such legislation is essential to help the country bridge the gap between a growing number of STEM jobs available in the United States and a lagging number of Americans with advanced training in those fields.

Where are these jobs congressman?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of Math and Computer jobs dropped from 3,303,690 to 3,283,950 over the previous year. Engineering jobs dropped from 2,412,730 to 2,305,530. Science jobs dropped from 1,308,380 to 1,064,510.

We’re losing STEM jobs but Rep. Griffin wants to import more STEM workers.

Is it any wonder that Congress’s approval is at an all time low?