After Abusing Visa Loopholes, Disney's Number Two Steps Down

By John Miano on April 5, 2016

The latest news from Disney is that Bob Iger's heir apparent, Thomas Staggs, is leaving the company.

Staggs was promoted to the number-two position at Disney a year ago. In the video accompanying a New York Times article, Times reporter James Stewart wonders what happened over the past year to make Iger change his mind: "Something happened."

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Yes, something happened. Staggs has done more to tarnish the Disney brand than anyone in the company's history. In his previous job, Staggs was the head of Disney Resorts.

Staggs' blockheadedness has brought Disney unwanted news coverage.

Staggs' ineptitude has brought Disney lawsuits.

Staggs' incompetence has brought Disney congressional hearings.

How could Disney possibly make a dunderhead of this magnitude its CEO after such malfeasance?