America Overrun, America Transformed

Conservatives who seek to defend the country must analyze and draw on Todd Bensman’s hard-won and operational insights, now

By Phillip Linderman on September 1, 2023

They come in from all over Central America, Haiti, Africa, Indonesia and from all over South America; they just keep coming and keep coming and keep coming.

— José, a Mexican criminal cartel operative interviewed by author Todd Bensman

By the end of four years in power, the Biden administration will almost surely have admitted over 10 million illegal immigrants. Todd Bensman’s Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History is an essential book for understanding this migrant maelstrom. Reading his analysis of the unfolding border catastrophe can be wrenching, even infuriating, but conservatives need to grapple with a historic disaster, and the valuable material presented in this important book.

Overrun is a fire-bell ringing in the night. A White House that erases national borders, ignores federal laws, and refuses to expel illegal arrivals is on a mission to fundamentally change the country. While the country’s situation is dire, even desperate, Overrun also offers crucial policy fixes, most notably the need to “tear down and rebuild the American asylum system.”

Few people know more about Biden’s disastrous policies than Bensman, a former intelligence official for the Texas Department of Public Safety, a border-security analyst, and an award-winning investigative journalist. As the reader would expect, Overrun examines much public policy, but it is also filled with human-interest stories based on the author’s field interviews with migrants, criminal operatives, and officials, both honest and corrupt. Bensman’s field research is unmatched; in compiling this book, the author dodged death threats and criminal gangs in his travels to the boondocks across Mexico and Central America.

Overrun is not “anti-immigrant.” Recounting his own family’s immigration history, Bensman writes with humanity about the many migrants he interviewed. But he also understands that concentrating on individual human dramas, as establishment journalists always do, obscures the true national tragedy: the unlawful and reckless federal government actions at the center of these historic events.

More than anything, Overrun details the Biden administration’s unprecedented, corrupt mismanagement of our country’s frontier. Government corruption is not just about gaining illicit financial profit; it is also about systematically upending rule of law by neglecting to enforce statutes and regulations, and issuing unlawful executive orders — exactly the strategy Biden officials are using to bypass Congress and force their radical immigration agenda on the nation.

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