Op-ed: Is Even Justin Trudeau to the Right of Biden on Immigration?

With the reimposition of a visa requirement, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau stops Mexican immigrants from becoming instant asylum seekers in Canada.

By Phillip Linderman on March 15, 2024

While President Biden was engaging last week in border-security political theater on the Rio Grande, Canada actually took concrete measures to stem the flow of Mexican asylum seekers. Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can act to protect his country’s national interest from out-of-control migration. Meanwhile, the immigration and border policies of the Biden administration are reaching new lows.

Like the United States, Canada is overwhelmed with economic migrants who are exploiting a poorly designed national asylum process. Our northern neighbor’s asylum system is currently at its breaking point with about 144,000 claims filed in 2023. This number might seem modest, even negligible, compared to the backlog the United States is facing, but, in the context of Canada’s population size, the equivalent number for the United States would be well over a million claims.

Remarkably, Trudeau ordered his government to return to the sensible policy that requires Mexicans to qualify for a Canadian visa before simply buying an airplane ticket, flying to Canada, and filing an asylum claim.

Trudeau, although rhetorically committed to his own version of open-borderism, is for the moment retreating in the face of political reality.

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