Will Trump Change the Pattern of Serial Renewals of TPS?

By Mark Krikorian on November 7, 2017

This is the conclusion of my National Review piece on the Monday night announcement from DHS about Temporary Protected Status for Hondurans and Nicaraguans, entitled "Trump Punts on an Amnesty Policy You’ve Never Heard Of":

Having drawn this red line, however, if the administration later this month does not announce the termination of TPS for Haitians, its credibility will be shot. And not just on immigration — strength of will, or lack thereof, in one area sends a message to political actors involved in other areas about an administration’s credibility. Reagan’s firing of the air-traffic controllers and Obama’s failure to back up his red-line comment in Syria are illustrative in this regard.

The period between now and November 22, when the Haiti decision needs to be made, is a time for choosing for this administration — and the choice will have consequences for the rest of President Trump’s time in office.