Ted Cruz More Hawkish than Me?

By Mark Krikorian on August 30, 2012

The presumptive next senator from Texas told Telemundo that he thinks a President Romney should revoke the “deferred action” amnesty for whoever manages to get it before Obama and his crowd are booted out. As I wrote a couple weeks ago, our track record with such "temporary" statuses strongly suggests this isn't going to happen. My suggestion would be that Romney pull the plug on the program, so there would be no new grants of amnesty, and then make lemonade out of the lemon: ask Congress to pass a mini-package deal of green cards for those who've already been legalized (presenting it as an effort to clean up one of the many messes left by the prior administration) in exchange for Lamar Smith's Legal Workforce Act and elimination of the Visa Lottery and the chain-migration family categories. It would be a deal well worth taking.