Biden’s new Bizarro border move just waves in more illegal migrants

By Mark Krikorian on February 24, 2023

In the Superman comics there was something called Bizarro World, where everything was the opposite of what was expected — the planet was cube-shaped instead of a sphere, Superman’s counterpart was a villain, and so on.

The Biden administration has created a Bizarro World immigration policy. The law as written places the burden of proof on a foreigner to show why he should be let in — but that burden is now on immigration officers to show why someone should be kept out.

A rule called “expedited removal,” which is supposed to speed the deportation of border-jumpers, has been transformed into a way to let them in. The system intended to keep track of illegal immigrants to make sure they show up for their deportation hearings is being turned into a taxpayer-funded welfare program to provide migrants with — I am not making this up — “mental health services” and “cultural orientation programs.”

The latest example of this is a new proposed regulation on asylum. . . . 

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