Unsecured Border: Univision Shows Border Absurdity

By Jerry Kammer on June 30, 2014

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The story of Central Americans streaming across the border is, of course, getting big play on Univision.

"Why are they coming?" asked anchorman Jorge Ramos, who proceeded to provide the answer. "Because of poverty, violence, gangs, and unemployment in their countries. But they also come because they have the idea that the United States is not going to deport the children."

Last Monday Ramos and co-anchor Maria Elena Salinas captured the contradictory character of the story by pairing two observations.

Said Salinas: "The United States government reiterated today that it will open deportation proceedings against undocumented Central American minors."

A moment later, Ramos added: "The Border Patrol continues to release undocumented persons, many of them children, who have reached the border."

Ramos interviewed the Salvadoran ambassador to the United States, who said the United States bears part of the blame for the exodus. Said Ambassador Ruben Zamora: "You have to keep in mind that the biggest gangs in El Salvador were started here in the United States, in Los Angeles. And due to the policy of deporting young people that the United States adopted at that time, they sent them to Salvador, and they proliferated there."

Angel Aleman, a Honduran man interviewed by Univision as he and his infant child were about to board a bus to Virginia, had this candid message for the United States: "Well, just thank-you, and excuse us for invading the country."