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Mainland Restrictionists Are Mild Pussycats by Island Standards

Sometimes it is useful to view a public policy dispute from a different angle.Let's compare, for instance, the posture of the restrictionists on the mainland of the U.S. to those in the U.S. Virgin Islands.Those on the mainland say we should try to enforce the immigration law, and hold down the annual arrivals of new immigrants. There is an unspoken assumption that the new arrivals and the long-term residents will all face the same tax laws. Similarly, everyone assumes that any U.S. citizen can be a state's governor.

Inept Middlemen Seek to Take Advantage of the Visa Lottery

Big disgraces in the immigration field beget little disgraces.I was doing something on the internet the other day and was reminded of the long-term foolishness of America's Visa Lottery – it gives away 50,000 green cards every year to people who have no connection to the U.S., who are not refugees, and who bring neither needed skills nor money. They simply add to our burgeoning population. That's the big disgrace.

CIS Assists Arizona in Defending SB1070

Lawyers defending the people of Arizona and the state's new immigration law sought the Center's help in countering the Obama administration's claims that the law would disrupt their careful balance of immigration law enforcement priorities, unduly burden DHS agencies, and cause harassment of lawful visitors and beneficiaries of humanitarian programs, such as battered women.

Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

I participated a panel on the Arizona law, and immigration more generally, at the libertarian Cato Institute yesterday; the video of the event is now up, assuming you want to watch all 82 minutes of it. Much of the discussion was the usual stuff, but two things stood out.First, one of the panelists, Cato's Tim Lynch, spoke about how the Arizona law will lead to false arrests and showed an excerpt from this video:

USCIS Appears Klutzy vis-a-vis WIC and Fee Waivers

There is exactly one continuing means-tested federal assistance program that deliberately provides benefits to illegal aliens and nonimmigrants – that is WIC, which stands for women, infants and children.Yet WIC, a $5 billion a year means-tested program, has been totally ignored in the new USCIS proposed rules which will make it easier for illegal aliens and nonimmigrants to waive fees for substantial immigration benefits which was discussed in a recent blog of mine.

USCIS Proposes to Make It Easier to Get Legal Status Without Paying Fee

Should you have to write a little memorandum to the government, in English, if you want a lifelong immigration benefit and cannot or do not want to pay, say, $470 for it?The benefit could, for instance, convert you from illegal to legal status, and then allow you to work legally in the U.S. – maybe for the rest of your life. Or it could make you a citizen.

Amnesty the Costly Price for Health Care Vote

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is pressing for amnesty, in part to qualify the current 11 million illegal aliens for public health (and other) programs. A report in Politico says these lawmakers secured the Obama administration's commitment to sweep illegals into taxpayer-funded health coverage as a condition for their votes for the health care bill:

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