Giving Tuesday 2023

Remember the Center for Immigration Studies

By CIS on November 28, 2023

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The last three years has been the most challenging immigration period in American history. The current administration has dismantled nearly all enforcement efforts, illegally processing millions of migrants across our southern border. With now more than 50 million immigrants here, the foreign-born percentage of the U.S. population has exceeded the highest level ever recorded. 

Absent a change in leadership, this historic and lawless migration will continue because there is now a pervasive belief among those in charge that immigration is a human right and therefore any restriction is immoral. 

The administration’s radical and unpopular policies have brought a lot of attention to immigration. Various activist and non-profit groups in Washington have started covering the issue for the first time. While this has amplified the debate, all of these groups rely on the Center’s research and expertise. 

We have exposed the impact of the administration’s actions, using our broad institutional knowledge to explain in detail how their decisions have created a humanitarian and national security disaster while placing these decisions into an historical context. We have defined the scope of the problem and offered workable alternatives to reverse course. 

While things look bleak at the moment, our work remains important because there are many policymakers at the federal, state, and local levels who are trying to fix our broken immigration system and, like the various groups in Washington, these leaders also rely on our work. 

The Center has testified before Congress more than 140 times, recently educating lawmakers in a series of hearings on cartel crime, terrorism, human trafficking, and the impact of mass immigration on American workers and communities and the environment, as well as the costs of the border crisis. 

Our prodigious annual output of nearly a thousand articles, reports, and commentaries is relied upon by members of Congress, judges, state and local policymakers, law enforcement officials, academics, and other writers and researchers to develop and implement constructive policies. 

The Center is the only think tank dedicated to examining immigration policy from the perspective of the broad national interest. Our influence has been recognized by independent rankings that place us in the company of much larger and better-funded organizations worldwide. That is a testament to our success in getting attention for our research and analysis in the face of countless anti-borders activists and researchers, as well as a complicit media and an administration that is attempting to effectively dissolve the border. 

We need your support to continue to expose the fiscal, economic, and social upheaval resulting from the current crisis. On this Giving Tuesday, invest in the national interest with a tax-deductible contribution in support of our important work.