An open letter to Biden appointees at ICE: Don't be the fall guy

The anti-enforcement agenda you've been forced to carry out was developed by opponents of national borders

By Jon Feere on April 26, 2021

As an ICE official in the prior administration, I recognize that a change in management means a change in practices. But I am concerned you are being used by the Biden administration to advance policies that your leadership knows will endanger the lives of countless people. The sooner you demand a change of course, the better it will be for public safety and your own conscience.

The anti-enforcement agenda that you’ve been tasked with carrying out was developed by strident opponents of national borders operating as political appointees at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the White House.

People like Esther Olavarria and Angela Kelley have been part of the immigration debate for a long time and have calculated that undermining America’s sovereignty is more important than promoting public safety or national security. They’ve also calculated that Congress is more likely to call on you to testify about the predictable fallout from these policies since you will be the ones implementing the directives they’ve cooked up. If you’re not prepared to be on the hook for avoidable murders, assaults, rapes or terrorism, you had better start speaking up and pushing back on your leadership right now.

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