Workplace Enforcement Benefiting Teens and Seniors

By Jon Feere on September 26, 2008

ICE’s recent workplace enforcement efforts “have brought seniors and teens back in favor with many employers,” according to the founder of two career-building websites.

“U.S. born seniors and teens are perfect candidates for holiday jobs that need to be filled. Many seniors are just looking for something to do and teens need experience and a little extra money for their necessities,” says Renee Ward, founder of ‘’ and ‘’

“We have over 2 million registered members looking for work,” says Ward.

It seems the amnesty crowd’s tired claim that “there aren’t enough Americans to fill jobs” becomes less and less persuasive every day.

The Center for Immigration Studies has previously examined the issue and found that increased immigration does, in fact, reduce employment among young, native-born workers. The Center for Labor Market Studies reports that the teen employment rate is the lowest it has been since 1948, and that minority teens “face the equivalent of a Great Depression.”

With a commitment to the attrition policy, perhaps, the trend will be reversed.