WARNING: Obama's Drunk-Driving Illegal-Alien Uncle Back on the Streets

By Jon Feere on September 9, 2011

In a decision that seems to unnecessarily risk the lives of many people, ICE has released Onyango Obama, President Obama's "Uncle Omar" about two weeks after he was detained following a drunk driving accident. He reportedly had been ordered deported to his native Kenya back in 1989, and lost an appeal in 1992. It remains unclear what justification immigration authorities used in releasing Obama, but it certainly is troubling considering he will likely go back to drinking and driving on the streets of Massachusetts. In an earlier blog post, I listed a number of "low-priority" aliens released by ICE who later went on to allegedly kill a number of young people. Had the aliens in these cases been deported during their first brush with the law instead of being released, lives would have been spared.

Because of the new administrative amnesty some illegal aliens are now considered to be low priorities for deportation and not a threat to public safety. Under the Obama administration's new agenda, Uncle Omar and similarly-situated aliens seem to be not enough of a threat to warrant deportation. Not until someone is raped, killed, or otherwise made the victim of some horrendous crime does an illegal alien's deportation become a possible priority. I asked in another blog post whether Uncle Omar had to first kill someone in a drunk driving accident before facing deportation; today's release is a clear answer to that inquiry. Obama's administrative amnesty is a grave threat to public safety.

The question now is whether Uncle Omar will be rewarded with work authorization.

If, in fact, Uncle Omar was driving drunk and the report of his blood alcohol level being nearly twice the state's legal limit is accurate, then the Obama administration is clearly putting the safety of Americans at risk by allowing for his release.