Obama Amnesty Gives A Pass to ID Theft, and Other Crimes

By Jon Feere and Jon Feere on August 19, 2011

Despite the nonsensical statements coming out of DHS today, all illegal aliens do “pose a threat” to society in one way or another. Just because an illegal alien isn’t violent, it does not follow that their presence is not a threat to the rule of law, taxpayers, and society generally. Most illegal aliens violate a number of federal and state laws, and these violations create real victims. Despite the opinion of the Obama administration and amnesty advocates -- namely, that the United States can give a pass to aliens for their legal transgressions without the nation suffering any repercussions -- our laws serve a variety of purposes and are ultimately meant to protect those in the United States lawfully.

The myth of the “otherwise law-abiding” illegal alien has become particularly significant in that it is being used by the Obama administration to justify halting deportations of so-called “non-criminal” aliens -- individuals who supposedly pose no threat to the American public. But while violent offenders will always be a law enforcement priority, even non-violent illegal aliens pose significant threats to citizens, legal immigrants, and the rule of law and should therefore be held accountable for their actions. Instead, rumor has it that the Obama administration will give these lawbreakers worker authorization and an indefinite stay in the United States. [DHS tells me that they’re still contemplating whether or not to post the policy changes to their website; Sen. Reid’s office tells me that they may or may not post Napolitano’s letter to congressional democrats outlining the policy changes.]

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This administrative amnesty is a unilateral and highly-questionable effort to virtually eliminate dozens of immigration statutes and give countless illegal aliens a pass for countless violations of law. For example, the average illegal alien who is holding a job likely engaged in I-9 Form fraud, has falsely claimed to be a U.S. citizen, has falsely personified a U.S. citizen, and may be using a Social Security number belonging to a U.S. citizen. It’s no surprise that states with the most illegal immigration also have high levels of job-related identity theft. Children are prime targets since it may be years until they notice the theft when they go to apply for their first part-time job; it’s only then they realize they “owe” thousands of dollars in back taxes for a meatpacking job in the Midwest they never held. In Arizona, it is estimated that over one million children are victims of identity theft.

An alien faces significant fines and many years in jail for such acts. It now appears, however, that the Obama administration feels it has the power to override decades of congressional intent with no input from the Congress or the American people. The administration’s message: ID fraudsters are a “low priority” and can continue to steal American identities without risk of deportation.

Since immigration policy is shared between the political branches -- the Legislative and the Executive -- hopefully Congress will assert its authority soon.