Map Shows How New Biden Policy Turns Every Community into an Illegal-Alien Sanctuary

By Jon Feere on November 23, 2021

Last week The Federalist published a piece by me on the new Biden administration policy turning nearly every community in America into an illegal alien sanctuary. Read the article in The Federalist here. I also presented a more detailed look at the policy here.

The policy offers a long list of "protected" areas where immigration authorities are not permitted to operate, even to identify and arrest criminal aliens. These places include, as I noted in The Federalist piece, anywhere near "a playground, a recreation center, a school, a place of worship or religious study, a location that offers vaccinations (such as a pharmacy), a community-based organization, any location that hosts weddings (such as a civic center, hotel, or park), any location with a school bus stop, any place 'where children gather,' and many more places that are common to most towns.”

To offer a visual representation of how this policy operates, the map below shows the vicinity of all of the “protected places” located in Washington, D.C., between the White House and Georgetown. The circles in red represent an approximation of what the new DHS guidelines are likely to mean by "near" -- DHS itself admits that “near” has “no bright-line definition”. Technically, the entire country should be considered off limits for immigration enforcement because the policy includes any place where anyone might pray the Rosary, which, of course, could be anywhere, as noted by my colleague Art Arthur. But even without the "Rosary clause", the Biden policy bars immigration enforcement almost everywhere, as you can see below. (The White House is in the lower right-hand corner.)