DREAM in Uniform

By James R. Edwards, Jr. on December 7, 2010

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the DREAM Act fight is how the U.S. military's top brass has taken the pro-amnesty side. Once people get posted at the Pentagon in the top echelons, it's like beat cops who become police chiefs: They become politicians. They're often not much more than political chameleons.

The Pentagon's number-one person on manpower issues has chimed in again for DREAM. This officer reportedly calls it "unconscionable" not to pass this legalization for more than 2 million illegal aliens. Really, now?

This amounts to the same conduct by the same bunch of uniformed wafflers that has pivoted on gays in the military, in the environment of a defense budget-cutting Democratic administration with a liberal social agenda. This administration backs amnesty in general, so the Pentagon brass can win brownie points by speaking in favor of this amnesty.

The perceived up side for the armed services: fresh recruits. The military expects to get a good share of amnesty recipients, the ones who aren't college material or who plan to go to college on the taxpayer's dollar.

But it's hard to imagine how national security is enhanced by entrusting it to a million or so illegal aliens.

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