Choose You This Day Whom You Will Serve

By James R. Edwards, Jr. on October 16, 2012

The open-borders group CASA de Maryland, which is pushing the state-level DREAM-lite — in-state tuition for the state's illegals — on the ballot this fall is putting its religious allies between a rock and a hard place.

CASA de Maryland has joined forces with homosexual activists who are mobilizing on the gay marriage issue, which also will appear on Maryland's ballot on November 6.

This political alliance, decided by the groups' radical leadership, puts Hispanic clergy in league with those trying to legitimize sexual conduct the Bible clearly doesn't condone (see Romans 1:24-26 and work your way back to Exodus).

The political marriage made elsewhere than Heaven isn't sitting well with pro-amnesty but pro-traditional marriage Maryland ministers. One told the Washington Post: "I think it's really a big mistake on [CASA's] part to join the two issues, which are quite distinct. From what I'm hearing from my people, CASA's stance offends them."

Though CASA de Maryland's machinations have driven a wedge between its leaders and a core part of its followers, the homosexual lobby's back-scratching with open-borders types isn't new. For example, the gay lobby has been signing up amnesty beneficiaries for the Obama administration's illegitimate legalization program.

The administration's rejection of its duty to uphold the laws on the books, including the Defense of Marriage Act and the Immigration and Nationality Act, goes beyond reckless neglect. Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano recently announced its recognition of homosexual partnerships in deportation decisions.

All this should give serious pause to the several evangelical groups that have migrated toward amnesty. As Joshua charged the people of Israel to choose which God they would serve, these supposedly Christian entities need to decide between faithfulness to the Lord who gave us civil government and the rule of law or their own self-serving interests of gaining popularity with politically correct causes and repopulating their pews with an imported following (see Joshua 24:14-15).