A Video Reminder of Why We Need a Wall

By Dan Cadman on September 9, 2018

A few years ago—in the late summer of 2009 to be precise—the Center put online several videos showing illegal entries on our southern border, taken using concealed cameras. (See here, and here.)

They were a graphic and unsettling reminder of exactly how porous that border was — and remains today. They also showed at least to some degree the damage that mass illegal immigration does, both to the humans being moved illegally and to the despoiled ecology along these smuggling trails riddled with trash, fecal matter, and remnants of human lives.

If people are naive enough to think that things are much better nine years later, the Daily Caller has done us the service of publishing new videos from hidden cameras placed on an Arizona rancher's 50,000 acre spread, which is proximate to the southern border.

I encourage you to look carefully at the video, including the still shot captured by the Daily Caller for its piece. You will see fit young men, some of them in camouflage gear, trekking with massive backpacks. What do you figure is in them? Tomorrow's fashion wear?

It is a national disgrace that, decade after decade, our political leaders have given us so much talk, and so little action, on sealing the border. What does it take?

This rancher's video should be the Trump administration's Exhibit No. 1 in arguing for a border wall. It's all well and good to talk about alternatives such as technologies and adequate manpower — but the best defense, first, last, and always, is to prevent individuals from illegally entering in the first place.

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