The Topsy-Turvy World of Progressives on Jobs and Immigration Policy

By Dan Cadman on June 6, 2018

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has visited a couple of locales in California to lambaste big employers for giving executives enormous salaries at the expense of their workers.

Sanders — nominally an independent and a socialist, but actually part of the Senate's Democratic caucus — was reportedly critical of the Walt Disney Company, as well as of port authority officials, for denying a "living wage" of at least $15 per hour to their employees.

There are many reasons to be suspicious of Disney, which gained notoriety for firing many of its American citizen employees in favor of cheap foreign H-1B "skilled" labor, who however were sufficiently unskilled that they had to be taught how to do their jobs by the pink-slipped Americans before they were permitted to obtain their separation benefits and get sent out the door (see here and here).

I'm not sufficiently versed on the workings of California seaports, but in virtually every other port I'm familiar with that does a lot of container-cargo work, the longshoremen are well reimbursed, and their union is a very powerful, exclusive one.

Still, it makes sense that a socialist would rally for the workers, especially if he's contemplating another presidential run, right? Wrong.

Sanders's overall immigration grade card score from NumbersUSA is a "D". While he scores pretty well in the single area of reducing unnecessary worker visas, his other scores in critical areas drag him down to that "D". Sanders is an unabashed supporter of large-scale amnesties; has opposed universal E-verify to ensure that only lawful workers take jobs; and is indifferent to border security.

What good does it do to oppose increased grants of cheap labor visas in the H category so that they can replace American workers (such as happened at Disney), when you show absolutely no interest in taking any other steps to reduce the jobs magnet that results in so many Americans at the bottom of the economic ladder dropping out of the labor market because they can't earn a decent wage when competing against illegal aliens?

In all of these areas, Sanders has apparently failed to connect the dots.

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