Reflections on "Domestic" Terror in Chattanooga

By Dan Cadman on July 16, 2015

The train wreck that passes for federal immigration and nationality policy has once again collided into reality with bloody consequences.

The fact is that it happens every day, but most of the instances rarely get more than local coverage. Yet in the last few weeks the entire nation has been riveted by two egregious instances of the disastrous and fatal consequences of the government's flawed policies.

First we had the murder of Kate Steinle by the serial felon/multiple illegal reentrant from Mexico who was released by the San Francisco Sheriff's Office in its zeal to uphold the Bay City-County's "principled" stand against cooperating with immigration enforcement agents—a stand that has been tolerated by the administration, even as it has proliferated like poisonous mushrooms in sanctuary jurisdictions throughout the country, and even as tens of thousand of alien criminals are released all over the country to commit thousands of new crimes, including murder.

Now we once again are forced to confront a situation in which a young man whose family, originally from Kuwait, was granted shelter in the United States and ultimately naturalized, giving him all the rights and privileges of anyone who is native-born. He repaid the kindness by murdering four Marines, and injuring a number of other innocents in Chattanooga. This man is not the first refugee/naturalized citizen to show what he really thinks of the country that gave him a future which he chose to throw away with murderous terrorist violence. Sadly, it has happened with great regularity.

The president promises the nation a prompt and thorough investigation. One wonders, will a part of that investigation be a careful look into the "culture of yes" that presides at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the organization charged with vetting and overseeing immigration and citizenship benefits? Almost certainly not. After all, it is this administration that has pushed that culture of approvals to extremes. No such examination happened after the Boston Marathon bombings either.

Here's one quick clue as to how the whitewash will occur in this most recent case, at least where any kind of post-mortem of refugee admission or naturalization procedures is concerned: the United States Attorney's Office is already describing it as a case of "domestic terrorism". Really. So let's not concern ourselves over the fact that he was a foreign-born man who failed to assimilate, despite naturalization, and murderously vented his rage and disappointment on the country that took in his entire family.

And, for God's sake, let us not allow any close scrutiny into present refugee and asylee vetting procedures—even as the country braces to accept more such refugees from Syria, home to the Islamic State, and a hotbed of the latest wave of Islamic fundamentalism that is rocking the entire region from Central Asia to North Africa, and which has slopped over into Western societies with outrageous attacks everywhere from Canada to France to Australia, to the United States.

The colloquial definition of insanity is "doing the same thing the same way over and over again, but somehow expecting a new result each time you do it." Kinda describes immigration and nationality policies under the Obama administration doesn't it?

As long as that's the case, we can certainly expect more of the same kind of murderous repayment of our willingness to grant shelter and safe haven to virtually anyone. But don't get your nose out of joint: it's a "domestic" problem.