Murder of Agent Points to Importance of Arresting Prior Deports

By Dan Cadman on August 8, 2014

Even as White House operatives such as Cecilia Munoz plan the next steps in dismantling immigration law enforcement – including ways to "de-prioritize" efforts to arrest aliens who reenter the United States after having been previously deported – other plans were being made: funeral plans for murdered Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega, Jr., who was laid to rest yesterday.

Agent Vega was murdered, and his father seriously wounded, in a botched robbery attempt by two illegal alien males later apprehended, who records reveal were previously deported from the United States multiple times. It's worth pointing out that the crime was committed in the same general vicinity of South Texas where the "surge" is occurring. It's also worth pointing out that nearly half of the arrestees taken into custody as a part of the surge are adult males, contrary to the picture deliberately floated by the administration and most of the media.

Statistics of the past few years show us that about one in every four aliens arrested on immigration charges, whether in the interior or at the border, has been deported at least once previously. (Reentry after a formal deportation is a felony.) The administration and advocates would have us believe that these illegal reentrants are coming solely to "reunify" with families. There is, however, little if any data to prove such fanciful appeals to the heartstrings of Americans.

The truth is that many, quite possibly most, of the aliens who attempt to reenter the United States after having been deported were removed in the first place because of significant criminal activity that brought them to the attention of both the police and the immigration authorities.

What has happened in this tragic case involving Agent Vega and his father should be an object lesson to both the White House and the open borders advocates pressing for the change in policy with regard to prior deports, but I doubt that it will be. They seem blind to any meaningful or realistic assessment of policy that does not result in a de facto elimination of U.S. border laws.

Let us hope a national outcry arises from this senseless murder that causes the administration to think once, twice, maybe even three times before once again imposing its unconstitutional executive actions on a hapless public.