Mexico to Apportion Millions to Fight Deportations from the U.S.

By Dan Cadman on January 31, 2017

The government of Mexico will establish a $50 million fund to provide attorneys to aliens fighting deportation in the immigration courts of the United States.


By happenstance, Section 9 of President Trump's executive order on border security directs all cabinet secretaries to put together a list (to be consolidated by the secretary of state) of all direct and indirect foreign aid given to Mexico in the past five years. The consolidated list is to be provided to the president 60 days after the date the executive order was signed (January 25).

If Mexico has $50 million to waste in trying to help its citizens thwart the operation of U.S. immigration laws, it seems to me that it would be both fair and appropriate for our government to reciprocate by withholding a commensurate amount of money from the millions that we pour into Mexican foreign aid every year. (See item No. 8 here.)