Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is "Volag"

Resettlement contractors back state nullification of immigration law, then argue in court that states have no say in refugee placement

By Dan Cadman on November 25, 2019

A lawsuit has been filed in the Southern District of Maryland by three refugee resettlement contractors against the federal government.

The gist of the complaint by the three "volags" (voluntary agencies) — the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Church World Service, and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service — is that when the Trump administration recently announced that it was going to amend its refugee resettlement processes to give state governments a voice in whether, when, and where to resettle refugees, it was violating the Constitution by abdicating its responsibilities because immigration is a uniquely federal authority over which states should have no say.

Juxtapose this with state and local governments that have stoutly rejected their obligation to aid, assist, cooperate, or even inform federal immigration authorities about illegal aliens — most specifically illegal aliens who have been arrested and/or convicted for crimes — because of their own unique rights to sovereignty under the Constitution.

Now, consider further that the three plaintiffs in this case — all of whom have fiscal as well as philosophical and/or religious interests in refugee resettlement because they get paid by Uncle Sam for their efforts — have all endorsed sanctuary policies. See here, here, and here.

Should we just accept that they are honoring the Emerson dictum that "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" or is this an egregious example of moral equivocation and relativism at play here, switching positions as best suits their needs? Decide for yourself.