Cruz Continues Doing the People's Work in the Senate

By Dan Cadman on March 6, 2016

While other major presidential candidates engage in puerile arguments about the size of hands and other body parts, or obfuscate their positions, or do outright flip-flop-flips in their support/opposition/support for foreign worker programs that rob Americans of their jobs, Sen. Ted Cruz is quietly going about the work of the people and continues to submit bills for consideration by the Senate, even as he campaigns nationwide. It's quite impressive.

I analyzed one of them recently on behalf of the Center, S. 2538, the "ICE Agent Support Act of 2016", cosponsored with Sen. Jeff Sessions. The bill has some limitations, but is a good starting place and an admirable show of support for the beleaguered agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Compare Cruz's support for agents doing the hard job of attempting to enforce immigration law in the interior of the United States, which is nigh unto impossible in this administration, with that of Sen. Marco Rubio, who not only has never fully renounced or believably explained his support for the abysmal Gang of Eight amnesty bill, but has despicably treated ICE union officials (the only ones able to speak the truth these days without direct and immediate retribution from their Washington bosses, but still at risk to their personal careers) with a contempt they don't deserve. This says volumes about his real beliefs on immigration enforcement, as if we didn't already know.

Besides the ICE agent support bill, Cruz is also the author of an important but little-remarked bill to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, originally introduced in November of last year. Sadly, only gives it a 2 percent chance of passage. This is beyond unfortunate. The Muslim Brotherhood is, and has been since its founding, a font from which has flowed a never-ending stream of pan-Arabic Islamic extremists whose goal is jihad and global religious domination. It is significant that, as is noted right in the text of the bill, some of the most conservative Islamic nations in the world have themselves banned the Brotherhood and designated it a terrorist organization. If they recognize the threat the organization poses, how is it that we don't?

Cruz's own past stances on immigration have not been without flaw; he, too, at one time supported massive and unjustifiable increases in ongoing "H" visa programs that are consistently used as end-arounds by corporate bigwigs to legally obtain cheap labor. Would he again show such enthusiasm if elected president? We can't know for sure; hopefully not. Perhaps he's actually come to realize how injurious they are to American workers and how instrumental they can be in keeping an economy stagnant, in the same way that third-world economies just seem to slump along.

It's admirable that Cruz takes his responsibilities so seriously that he continues to do his job in the Senate even while campaigning, unlike Rubio, who not only seldom introduces bills, having been spooked since the Gang of Eight debacle, but also doesn't even show up to work in order to vote on other senators' bills — perhaps out of fear that someone will actually be able to suss out his core views from those votes. (The one notable exception is Rubio's I-Squared Act, which would hugely increase immigration and guestworker programs.) This inevitably leads one to ask: Does he have any core values? If so, why isn't he willing to show us what they are through something as simple as fulfilling his senatorial voting responsibilities?

At least Cruz appears to have read his own campaign platform on controlling immigration, both legal and illegal. At this point, that's several steps above what we see from the others.

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