Bernie Sanders Says Boston Marathon Bomber Should Be Permitted to Vote from Prison

By Dan Cadman on April 23, 2019

During a televised CNN "town hall" event, Sen. Bernie Sanders responded to a question by saying that convicted felons — including Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the infamous Boston bomber who was granted citizenship thanks to our country's slipshod naturalization vetting procedures — should be able to vote from prison.

Sanders' response exemplifies everything that's wrong with our present-day permissive attitude toward all manner of things, including the right to vote and the "right" to citizenship, which should instead be regarded as a gift not to be lightly bestowed.

Shockingly, even some so-called conservatives have fallen into this kind of thinking under the mantra of "criminal justice reform", as was evident from passage of the First Step Act, under whose terms even illegal aliens in federal penitentiaries stand to gain, despite the alarming fact that one out of five federal prisoners are known or suspected to be deportable aliens, almost half of whom were incarcerated for serious drug offenses.

I don't think Tsarnaev should be allowed to vote. I think, instead, that he should have been charged with treason, as well as acts of terror and mass murder, and had his citizenship — which he never clearly valued to begin with, thus making its procurement a sad joke — stripped from him (see here and here).

Sanders' statements on this matter are so extraordinary and appalling that, putting aside his socialist beliefs, it makes one question his fitness for the presidency.