The Democrats Changed View on Immigration

By CIS on July 30, 2019

Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, and Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) discuss tonight's Democratic debate. Sen. Cotton says, "The democrats have lost their minds when it comes to immigration."

The Senator points out that the former Chair of the  U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, Democrat Rep. Barbara Jordan, and a lot of old Democratic union leaders use to share his view of immigration, but that they are now a party focused less on kitchen table issues and on what matters to working class Americans and more on questions of race, gender, sex, identity.  He says, "For them it has become more a question of identity than a question about economics and security."

Mass migration is a pretty good bargain for the elite as immigrants are not taking their jobs or impacting their local economy. Mass migration actually drives down the price of the personal services, like childcare, house cleaning, landscaping etc., on which the elite depend. This is the class the Democratic party now represents.


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