Brentwood, NY: A Case Study of How Flawed Immigration Policy Begets Gang Violence

By CIS on November 4, 2016

The Center has released the first two reports of a series on the issues surrounding the placement of thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America in communities across the United States.

Teleconference Audio and Transcript:
Brentwood, NY - A Case Study of How Flawed Immigration Policy Begets Gang Violence
New Reports:
Implementation of a Law to Protect Trafficking Victims Has Become a Public Safety Issue
Brentwood, N.Y., Consumed by MS-13 Crime Wave
Fact Sheet:
MS-13 Arrests by ICE: 2005-2014
Additional Reading:
Taking Back the Streets: ICE and Local Law Enforcement Target Immigrant Gangs
Panel Transcript: Local Impact of Illegal Border Surge
From Disruption to Dismantling: Feds Turn Up the Heat on MS-13

Jessica Vaughan, the Center’s director of policy studies, will moderate and discuss information in a new fact sheet on MS-13 gang members arrested by ICE in the last decade.

Joseph Kolb, a Center research fellow and executive director of the Southwest Gang Information Center, will present findings from his on-going study of the issues surrounding the UAC placements and public safety. He will be highlighting developments in Brentwood, located on Long Island, NY, where thousands of UACs have been placed by the federal government.

Lenny Tucker, President of the Brentwood Association of Concerned Citizens will discuss the impact of the UAC resettlement in the community and the gang violence problems.

Sheriff A.J. Louderback of the Texas Sheriffs Association will discuss the crime and public safety threat posed by MS-13 and other transnational gangs in Texas.

For more information: Marguerite Telford, 202-466-8185 or [email protected]