House Republicans Demand Hidden Statistics on Secretive Biden Border “CBP One” Admittance Program

By Todd Bensman on March 30, 2023

Austin, Texas — As senior Biden administration officials run victory laps over seemingly sharply declining Border Patrol apprehensions of illegal alien Southwest Border crossings, no one has bothered to wheel out the one stumbling block that would face-plant those politicians: statistical data the administration has hidden away somewhere.

The illegal land border crossings for both January and February were in the 128,000 range, compared to the 200,000-220, 000 range throughout much of 2022 sounded really great to anyone who didn’t understand a politically accounting scheme that is underway.

Left out of the illegal crossings data is another dataset that would reveal how much of that apparent decline is counted elsewhere as part of a legally challenged admittance scheme the Biden DHS vastly expanded in mid-January to issue “humanitarian exceptions” for legalized escorted crossings of foreign nationals who were going to jump the border.

This scheme’s objective, as I have previously revealed, is to entice those intending border crossers, while they are still south of it, to petition Biden’s DHS for “humanitarian parole” on a telephone/computer app called CBP One before they cross. Those approved then get flown into America from unknown foreign airports or escorted overland, with permission, at unrevealed land ports of entry, sight unseen, given work authorization – and counted somewhere that is not fully public. Texas and 19 other states have sued over the administration’s mass use of humanitarian parole.

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