Op-ed: Shocking Video of Migrants Tearing Down Fence a Symbol of Everything Wrong with Biden’s Policy

By Andrew R. Arthur on March 25, 2024

The New York Post’s video showing more than 100 migrants tearing aside barriers and pushing their way past National Guard troops and into the United States near El Paso is shocking, but what’s really appalling is what the public won’t see:

Nearly all of those migrants being rewarded for their disdain for US sovereignty and assault on our troops by being released to live and work here indefinitely, if not forever.

The migrant surge at the border that has been ongoing since President Biden took office is really just a slow-motion version of what that video portrays.

In January, a “good month” at the border under the current administration’s standards, 4,000 migrants crossed illegally every day. In December, it was 8,000 a day.


They’re coming illegally because they face few, if any, consequences, as Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens made clear in a refreshingly candid interview with CBS Newson on Thursday.

Owens explains that “everything revolves around being able to deliver a consequence for an action that you don’t want a person to commit,” and the chief was clear about the consequences he thinks should be imposed on migrants who enter illegally: “jail time”; deportation; and “being banned from being able to come back because [they] chose to come in the illegal way.”

Yet, while a few of the migrants who tore down barriers and assaulted soldiers were arrested, the rest were “brought into the US for processing,” which means they’ll answer some questions and quickly be released, as more than 3.3 million others encountered at the border under the current administration have been.

Honestly, though, how much respect for US sovereignty can you expect those migrants to demonstrate when administration officials show so little of it themselves?

The president and his officials long ago ditched deterrence as a border policy in lieu of allowing every illegal immigrant who can make it to this country to apply for asylum, regardless of the strength or validity of their claims.

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