Nine Illegal-Alien Sex Assaults since Montgomery County, Md., Sanctuary Policy Declared

Now that victims are coming forward, it is time for the police to do so, too

By Andrew R. Arthur on October 2, 2019

[UPDATE: The Washington Post reports that one of the subjects of this post, Oluwakayode Adewole Adebusuyi, later went to trial and was found not guilty.]

On and off for the last two months, I have been covering Montgomery County's sweeping new sanctuary policy, the illogic of which has been underscored by a series of arrests for sexual assault in the county (MoCo for short) since that policy was announced on July 22, 2019. The issue has simply gotten worse: There have now been nine sexual-assault arrests in MoCo since July 25 of illegal aliens.

Sadly, on August 30, 2019, when I wrote a post captioned "Five Rape Arrests Underscore the Hypocrisy of Sanctuary Policies", my editor had to add the following note: "Since this blog was published, a sixth illegal alien was accused of raping a 15-year-old girl in Montgomery County, Md., in addition to a separate incident where an illegal alien is accused of molesting a 12-year-old girl." That's seven.

The eighth attack was allegedly committed by Oluwakayode Adewole Adebusuyi, a Nigerian rideshare driver who is illegally present in the United States, according to news reports. The local Fox affiliate reported:

Police say on August 24 at around 11:46 p.m., officers responded to the 6900 block of Clarendon Road in Bethesda after receiving reports of a woman crying in the middle of the roadway.

When they arrived, the 28-year-old woman told police she had been raped.

A preliminary investigation revealed the woman had been at a bar in Silver Spring earlier when she says she began to feel nauseous.

Police say the woman told detectives ... Adebusuyi, 26, of Fairfax, Virginia, was at the bar at the time and offered to let her sleep in his car. The two share a mutual friend, according to the woman.

After accepting Adebusuyi's offer, the woman says she woke up when the man entered his car and began to rape her.

Police say after the rape, Adebusuyi drove his car out of the area with the woman still inside. The woman asked Adebusuyi to let her out of his car, but she told police he refused. Eventually, the woman was able to get out of the car while it was on Clarendon Road.

The woman screamed for help once she was outside of Adebusuyi's car, police say. That's when Adebusuyi fled the scene.

This was not his first encounter with the authorities, as that station reported:

Exactly one year ago, on August 24, 2018, one of Adebusuyi's rideshare passengers accused him of assault, sex offense, and false imprisonment. She reported it to police but then ended up declining to see it through to trial so the charges were dropped.

That arrest also took place in MoCo, as this tweet from WJLA reporter Kevin Lewis reveals:

The records in that tweet show that the disposition of the MoCo case was "Nolle Prosequi", which lawyers and law-enforcement officials commonly refer to as "noll prosse". As Rule 4-247 of the Maryland Rules explains:

When a nolle prosequi has been entered on a charge, any conditions of pretrial release on that charge are terminated, and any bail bond posted for the defendant on that charge shall be released. The clerk shall take the action necessary to recall or revoke any outstanding warrant or detainer that could lead to the arrest or detention of the defendant because of that charge.

That's fine, as it pertains to criminal law, but again, there is no evidence that MoCo police attempted to contact ICE following that encounter, either. As another tweet in the thread cited above states, though: "Should Adebusuyi [now] post bond, MoCo will give ICE a courtesy call, but it won't hold the accused rapist beyond the normal jail release process." A "courtesy call"? That is something the cable company does to tell you the technician is en route, not the way that one law-enforcement agency notifies another about a potentially dangerous individual.

The ninth alien charged is Josue A. Gomez-Gonzalez, a 23-year-old Salvadoran national who is living in the United States illegally, according to ICE. After an afternoon of heavy drinking with Gomez-Gonzalez:

The victim recalled feeling extremely drowsy and says she started to doze off in the car. That's when Gomez-Gonzalez allegedly began to kiss her and tried to "pull down her leggings."

"Each time Victim A told Gomez-Gonzalez to stop, that she would scream or she would call the police," Montgomery County special victims detectives wrote in court documents.

The alleged victim left the car thereafter, and fell down, at which point Gomez-Gonzalez called two friends to help him get her back to the car. She told police that they then went back to Gomez-Gonzalez's house:

Once inside the residence, Gomez-Gonzalez allegedly kissed the victim's face, neck and breasts, stripped down and got on top of her.

The victim says she attempted to push Gomez-Gonzalez off and managed to hit him the chest, but to no avail. Then she passed out, saying she awoke the following morning with intense pain.

"When Victim A went to the bathroom she noticed she was bleeding," detectives noted in court documents. "Victim A noticed Gomez-Gonzalez had already left for work by the time she woke up. Victim A immediately called the police who responded and transported Victim A to Shady Grove Adventist Hospital where she consented to a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam."

This was not Gomez-Gonzalez's first encounter with the police, according to local ABC affiliate WJLA:

Court records further show Gomez-Gonzalez has received eight traffic citations in Maryland this year alone for infractions like operating a motor vehicle with an expired registration and driver's license, plus failure to safely secure a child under the age of eight.

Each of the appearances for those offenses was in Rockville District Court, which is in MoCo, suggesting that each of the citations (which appear to have arisen from two separate traffic stops) occurred in that county. Had ICE been notified following either of those stops, he likely would have been taken into immigration custody before the alleged assault occurred.

Sexual assault has been an increasing problem in MoCo in recent years. According to the local police, the number of rapes in the county increased from 126 in 2014, to 286 in 2015, to 309 in 2016, and to 398 in 2017, reaching an astounding 509 in 2018. The MoCo PD states:

The number of rapes reported in 2018 increased 27.8% and has been steadily increasing over the last four years. As the trend shows, the number of rapes reported in 2015 rose sharply and was primarily attributed to the FBI's rape definition change, which the state of Maryland implemented in 2015.

While that may explain the initial jump, it does not explain the 77 percent increase between 2015 and 2018. The police department asserts:

The MCPD has always fostered a belief in encouraging victims to come forward, and we see the increase in numbers as helping to achieve a more realistic picture of these crimes that have previously gone unreported. Victims increasingly are feeling they don't need to suffer in silence.

I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment, but I would much prefer those victims not suffer at all. By, for example, removing criminals from the streets — and in particular alien criminals from the country — before those criminals commit additional crimes.

None of this is to suggest that illegal alien criminals are more likely to commit rapes, or that the increase in rapes is attributable to an increase in illegal aliens in MoCo. The facts are, though, that (1) every criminal alien who can be removed from the United States is one fewer criminal who can commit an offense, and (2) criminal aliens generally commit more crimes, as a 2005 report from the Government Accountability Office revealed:

In our population study of 55,322 illegal aliens, we found that they were arrested at least a total of 459,614 times, averaging about 8 arrests per illegal alien. Nearly all had more than 1 arrest. Thirty-eight percent (about 21,000) had between 2 and 5 arrests, 32 percent (about 18,000) had between 6 and 10 arrests, and 26 percent (about 15,000) had 11 or more arrests.

I am glad that the MoCo police believe that victims should come forward. Now, if the MoCo police could practice what they preach and simply come forward to ICE, we can reduce the number of victims, and prevent the human tragedy that sexual assault entails.

I am not hopeful. But, I won't be silent, either.