Virginia Governor’s Race and Immigration Enforcement

Candidates in the race for governor of Virginia differ on the issue of state and local enforcement relating to illegal and criminal aliens. Former state Attorney General Bob McDonnell supports statewide involvement in the 287(g) program. Democratic State Sen. Creigh Deeds is unenthusiastic and vague.

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Last Week's Other Cheap Political Stunt

The big political dust-up last week was the Congressional Black Caucus's resolution directed at Rep. Joe Wilson, who called President Obama on his inaccuracy during his recent speech before a joint session of Congress. The precipitating event served to spark scrutiny and public discussion of loopholes in health legislation relating to coverage of illegal aliens. But a less prominent political stunt also went on in the nation's capital.

'There You Go Again'

Watching President Obama's health care speech before Congress Wednesday night, I was reminded of another President's words.As the President flatly asserted that illegal aliens are definitely not covered in health reform, I thought of Ronald Reagan's jovial rejoinder when Jimmy Carter played fast and loose with the facts: "There you go again."President Obama lashed at the work many have done over the past several weeks to examine actual legislation and speak the truth about it. His parrying included this visceral jab:

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