Who’s Really Paying for Ukrainians to Come to the United States?

U.S. tax dollars that go to resettlement contractors can be used to admit Ukrainians into the United States under the Biden administration’s “Uniting for Ukraine” program.

By Nayla Rush on July 25, 2022

In response to the crisis in Ukraine, the Biden administration has launched a new immigration program called “Uniting for Ukraine.” The program offers Ukrainians (and even non-Ukrainian immediate family members) a chance to come to the United States via supposedly “private,” non-taxpayer-funded sponsorships.

Except that the privately funded program can benefit from taxpayer money.

It does this in two ways: First, public funds can be used to enable private individuals to bring Ukrainians into the United States. Second, Ukrainians would be immediately eligible to receive welfare benefits upon their arrival. . . .

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