Immigration-Related Dissertations, 2001

By Jeff Hsu on July 1, 2002

The Center for Immigration Studies seeks to be a resource for information pertaining to immigration, especially U.S. immigration. To that end, the Center publishes an annual list of immigration-related dissertations completed in the previous year. The following list includes a breadth of topics and should promote a more comprehensive understanding of immigration issues while providing scholars with a compendium of scholarly research in their area(s) of expertise.

For ease of use, the list is organized into the following categories: Policy/Politics, Immigration Processes, Economics, Acculturation/Ethnicity, Education, Health, Religion, History, and Non-U.S. Because the grouping of these dissertations is necessarily subjective, it is advisable to scan the entire list.

Abstracts of these dissertations can be viewed free of charge through the end of this year through ProQuest Digital Dissertations on the University of Michigan's website, at ProQuest charges a fee for downloading each complete dissertation.


Considering the long-term effects of immigration policy: Second-generation immigrants and the use of means-tested entitlement programs.
by Hetling-Vincent, Jennifer Anne
University of Colorado, Boulder

Domesticated responsibility: The making of the United States-Mexico border environment
by Hill, Sarah
Johns Hopkins University

Redistributive policies and migration
by Simpson, Nicole Bundy
University of Iowa

Iraqi Kurdish refugee migration to Britain and the United States: Globalization, governance, and geopolitics
by Dahlman, Carl Thor
University of Kentucky

A global trend in racism: The late 20th century anti-immigrant movement in southern California
by Bandhauer, Carina Anne
State University of New York at Binghamton

How Mexico built support for the negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement: Targeting the Mexican diaspora in the United States
by Hamm, Patricia H.
University of California, Irvine

Sense of threat and opposition to immigrants and immigration policies in the United States
by Moss, Marcey Ann
South Dakota State University

Nuestra America in America: Immigrants struggling for power in the shadow of the state
by Alonso, Gaston
University of California, Berkeley

The politics of ethnic solidarity: A study on the hierarchical bases of 1.5 and 2nd generation organizations in Koreatown
by Chung, Angie Y.
University of California, Los Angeles

The politics of choice in immigrant neighborhoods: Informal and formal constraints in economic organization and social order (England, Illinois)
by Frederking, Lauretta Conklin
Washington University

Border fantasies: Sexual anxieties and political passions in the Mexico-United States borderlands (Laura Aguilar, Alma Lopez)
by Calvo, Luz
University of California, Santa Cruz

Immigration Processes

Perils and possibilies of Nuer refugee migration to the United States (Sudan)
by Shandy, Dianna Jo
Columbia University

Weighing hearts and minds: Emotional transnationalism and Puerto Rican migration
by Aranda, Elizabeth Marie
Temple University

Starting points: Households of origin and Mexico-United States migration
by Fomby, Paula Wendling
University of Wisconsin

Refugees in flux: Bosnian refugees in Austria and the United States, 1992-2000
by Franz, Barbara
Syracuse University

Why not migrate? A case study of two rural villages in Chiapas, Mexico
by Balkan, Jennifer Lynn
University of Texas, Austin

The causes and consequences of transnational migration: Salvadorans in Los Angeles and Washington D.C.
by Landolt Marticorena, Patricia Andrea
Johns Hopkins University

Crossing myriad borders: A dimensional analysis of the migration and health experiences of indigenous Oaxacan women (Mexico)
by McGuire, Sharon Ann
University of San Diego

Urban origin migration from Mexico to the United States: The case of the Monterrey metropolitan area (Texas)
by Hernandez-Leon, Ruben
State University of New York, Binghamton

Essays in international macrodynamics
by Morshed, AKM Mahbub
University of Washington


'Making it': The social and economic experiences of Ethiopian immigrant women in Chicago (Illinois)
by Bhave, Maya Elizabeth
Loyola University of Chicago

The use of career development programs in meeting the perceived career development needs of Mexican American women by manufacturers in the greater Kansas City area (Kansas)
by Clayton, Phyllis R.
University of Arkansas

Labor market participation of Asian Indian women in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area (Missouri)
by De, Sujata
Kansas State University

Essays on immigration, culture, and international trade
by Konya, Istvan Tamas
Northwestern University

Occupational choice, the effects of skill supply on relative wages, and capital-skill correlation
by Kurtzon, Gregory Michael
Northwestern University

Immigration and international trade: A nonparametric and semiparametric approach
by Mundra, Kusum
University of California, Riverside

The intersection of immigration and gender: The socioeconomic integration of Iranian immigrant women in Kansas City (Missouri)
by Niknia, Zohreh Mirzadegan
University of Missouri, Kansas City

Understanding how Vietnamese make career decisions in the United States
by Do, Vinh The
Oregon State University

Economic impacts of NAFTA and transfer pricing legislation along the United States-Mexico border
by Cook, Alton Henry, Jr.
University of Texas, Pan American

Secular trends and spatial clusters of inequality in United States metropolitan areas, 1970 to 1990
by Cossman, Ronald Edward
University of Colorado, Boulder

Dressed for success: Culture, class and labor force achievement among Arab-American women
by Read, Jennifer Jen'nan
University of Texas, Austin

Mismatch of educational background and occupational opportunity: A case of Iranian immigrants in southern California
by Firouzi, Hassan
University of Southern California

Diversity in United States immigrant experience: A sociodemographic analysis of income attainment
by Kail, Sandra Lee
University of Colorado, Boulder


Intimate violence and the criminal justice system: The experience of Vietnamese-American women
by Bui, Hoan N.
Michigan State University

Big tings a gwaan: Constructions of racial and ethnic identity among second-generation West Indian immigrants
by Butterfield, Sherri-Ann Patrice
University of Michigan

The Cultural Awareness Program for immigrant Hispanic women
by Arroyo, Sandra Monica
Carlos Albizu University

Making differences cultural: Samoan migrant families encounter New Zealand and United States government bureaucracy
by Gershon, Ilana Miriam
University of Chicago

Cultural memory and the Mexican diaspora in the United States: The role of the corridos about immigration and the shared aesthetics in their performance by conjuntos nortenos
by Chew Sanchez, Martha Idalia
University of New Mexico

When women come first: Gender and class and transnational ties among Indian immigrants in the United States
by George, Sheba Mariam
University of California, Berkeley

Shopkeepers, diamond dealers, and doctors: Networks of inclusion and exclusion among Asian Indian immigrants in New York and London (England)
by Poros, Maritsa Valerie
Columbia University

A study of perception of social support in the elderly immigrant versus American-born population within the United States of America
by Hayden, Sandra M.
California State University, Long Beach

Surviving the crossing: (Im)migration, ethnicity and gender in trans-national America (Willa Cather, Gertrude Stein, Nella Larsen)
by Rabin, Jessica G.
Emory University

Social networks of elderly Russian emigrants to the United States and their subsequent well-being
by Dorman, Lana
Adelphi University, Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies

The impact of immigration on an individual's sense of self
by Jacard, Sonia M.
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

Survival in the land of glamour: The experience of three generations women who emigrated from the former Soviet Union (acculturation in the United States and its influence on their perceptions and lifestyles)
by Kishinevshy, Vera
New York University

Group-threat and attitudes toward immigrants: A comparative, multi-level examination of the sources of prejudice
by Kunovich, Robert Michael
Ohio State University

The adaptation and experience of foreign-born faculty members in the United States
by McConnell, Eileen Elizabeth
University of Notre Dame

Mirror or lamp? Ethnic media use by Korean immigrants in the United States
by Pae, Hye-Kyeong
Georgia State University

Acculturation and structural assimilation as predictors of marital assimilation among Japanese Americans and Korean Americans in Los Angeles County (California)
by Shon, Herbert Pedro
University of California, Los Angeles

One story, two interpretations: The lived experiences of Taiwanese immigrant families in the United States
by Tsai, Jenny Hsin-Chun
University of Washington

Identity construction in the United States: Perspectives from adolescents of African origin
by Anunobi, Chinyere Onuwabuchi
State University of New York, Buffalo

Migration stress and the vicarious acquisition of learned helplessness through media exposure in Vietnamese refugees
by Duong, Christine Hang
California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego

Bodies in motion: Mexican migration, embodies experience and the sense of place
by Shutika, Debra Lattanzi
University of Pennsylvania

Brekaing into the borderlands: Double consciousness, Latina and Latino misplacements
by Milian, Claudia
Brown University

Ethnic identity formation among Filipino/a American youth: A study of Filipina American high school girls
by Adefuin, Jo-Ann Yap
University of California, Los Angeles

Getting a head start on assimilation: An analysis of Cuban American women in a Head Start Program
by Alvarez, Sandra Dalis
Kansas State University

The relationship between acculturation, family functioning, and school performance of Mexican American adolescents
by Elliott, Katherine Ann Gilda
University of California, Santa Barbara

Naturalized exclusion: American cinema, United States policy, and the Chicana/o image in borderland film
by Perez, Frank G.
University of New Mexico

Assimilation concerns of immigrant high school students to the United States
by Garcia, Michelle Jeannette
University of Nebraska, Omaha

Differences in self-identified national orientation among legal Hispanic immigrants to the United States
by Monsivais, George Isaac
Claremont Graduate University

The relationship between acculturation and racial identity attitudes in Greek immigrants
by Papadopoulos, Yiota
Columbia University

Family as a context for immigration adaptation: Family interdependence, academic adjustment, and course of study among youths from immigrant and United States-born families
by Tseng, Vivian
New York University

The relationship between bicultural competence and academic resilience in a cross-cultural sample
by Vargas-Reighley, Rosalva Vega
University of California, Davis

Acculturation in beliefs and emotions
by Yaghoub Zadeh, Zohreh
University of Toronto (Canada)


From their points of view: Literacies among Latino immigrant students
by Rubinstein-Avila, Eliane Betina
Harvard University

Into, Through and Beyond: Evaluation of migrant education reading tutor program innovations (California)
by Rowe, Christine Adele
University of Southern California

Crossing linguistic borders in an Iowan town: Language ideologies and the education of Latino/a students
by Haslett, Karen Elizabeth
University of Iowa

Understanding the practice of bilingual education programs in community colleges
by Bonaparte, Wilma L.
University of Massachusetts, Boston

The effects of bilingual education programs on Haitian students in Miami-Dade County Schools (Florida)
by Alcindo, Yanick
Union Institute

Reaching for literacy success as a Mexican immigrant: A close up of kindergarten children and their families
by Gillanders, Christina
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Beneath the surface: Signs of language attrition in immigrant children from Russia
by Schmitt, Elena G.
University of South Carolina

Transnational messages: The diffusion of information about American schools in transnational social spaces among Chinese and Mexican immigrant adolescents
by Brittain, Carmina Mendoza
University of California, Davis

Influences on immigrant students' perceptions of the chances of making it in the United States
by Albertini, Velmarie Loren
Florida International University

Schooling acquisition of United States immigrants: An analysis of mmigrant generation
by Debburman, Noyna
University of Illinois, Chicago

Un-equal opportunity: Sex and school among first and second generation Mexican immigrant adolescent girls
by Morgan, Jane Suzanne
Florida International University

Higher education: A new immigration path to Chinese students and scholars
by Pang, Bangcheng
Arizona State University

Mexican immigrants and education
by Strickland, Magdalena Vielma
Pacific Lutheran University

Vietnamese young women from the third wave of immigration: Their struggle for higher education
by Truong, Hoa T.
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The experience in learning communities of entering ESL community college students
by Lucca, Louis Anthony
New York University

The influence of mothers on the educational attainment of second-generation Latina professional daughters of farm working family backgrounds: A participatory research study
by Hernandez, Rosa Gabriela
University of San Francisco

The impact of school and contextual factors on the graduation rates of Virginia migrant students
by Perritt, Denise Chapell
The College of William & Mary

Decision-oriented evaluation of a professional development plan for a distance migrant education program
by Kinser, Jeri Kay
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

College immigrant students: How undocumented female Mexican immigrant students transition into higher education
by Rangel, Yolanda T
University of California, Los Angeles

Sikh immigrant students in New York City: Negotiating dual cultures
by Chawla, Bindu
Columbia University Teachers College

The input hypothesis inverted: A comparison of the input given by children to their Hispanic immigrant mothers and by teachers to their Hispanic immigrant students
by Duran, Pilar
Boston University

Incorporation of Mexican immigrant high school students in the United States
by Gonzalez, Cornelio
University of Texas, Austin

'School made me stupid': The literacies and learning of immigrant adolescents in a rural midwestern high school
by Grady, Karen Jeanne
Indiana University

The educational experiences of second-generation Iranian undergraduate students
by Shavarini, Mitra K.
Harvard University


The impact of immigration, assimilation and social context with weight status and coronary risk of Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans in the United States
by Rubio, Mercedes
University of Michigan

Reproductive health and fertility of Hmong immigrants in Minnesota
by Spring, Marline Ann
University of Minnesota

Fertility transition of Asian and Hispanic immigrant women in the United States: Generation, culture, and social mobility
by Liu, Min
University of Notre Dame

Mortality patterns in the United States since 1960: Essays on migrant mortality, the impact of Medicare, and demographic consequences of cause-specific mortality change
by Drevenstedt, Greg Lee
University of Pennsylvania

A qualitative case study of the psychosocial effects of acculturative stress and forced displacement of Assyrian-Iranian refugees living in the United States
by Badal, Ashour
Fielding Institute

Culturally competent perinatal health care for Chinese and Mien refugees: Ethnographic narratives from Seattle's International District Health Clinic (Washington)
by Shiu-Thornton, Sharyne
University of Washington

This is where it all comes together: The border, gay community, and HIV prevention in El Paso/Juarez (Immune deficiency, Texas, Mexico)
by Philen, Robert Carleton
Cornell University


Walking on water: Fuzhounese immigrant religious communities in New York's Chinatown
by Guest, Kenneth James, II
City University of New York

A study on the growth of the Korean Immigrant Church in the United States (Korean text)
by Choi, John Jaein
Fuller Theological Seminary, School of World Mission

The Catholic church, new immigrant groups, and decision-making: A case study of the archdiocese of Chicago (Illinois)
by Newman, Kathe Anne
City University of New York

The elderly ministry within Korean-American churches: An analysis of the post-1965 immigrant cohort with a conceptual framework for addressing the unique aspects of a transitioning immigrant culture
by Suh, Euisoo
Regent University


Between civilizing mission and ethnic assimilation: Racial discourse, United States colonial education and Filipino ethnicity, 1901-1946
by Alidio, Kimberly A.
University of Michigan

Trophies of grace: Religious conversion and Americanization in Boston's immigrant communities, 1890-1940 (Massachusetts)
by Farmelant, Kristen Petersen
Brown University

Germans in Civil War-era Pennsylvania: Ethnic identity and the problem of Americanization
by Keller, Christian Boyd
Pennsylvania State University

Immigrant assimilation in early 20th century America
by Minns, Christopher
University of Essex (United Kingdom)

From the 'Mexicali Rose' to the Tijuana Brass: Vice tours of the United States-Mexico border, 1910-1965
by Schantz, Eric Michael
University of California, Los Angeles

Immigration and foodways in Ohio, 1870-1920
by Comer, James Ray
Bowling Green State University

Reforming the New York Yiddish theater: The cultural politics of immigrant intellectuals and the Yiddish Press, 1887-1910
by Warnke, Bettina
Columbia University

Social and geographical mobility among the Irish in Canada and the United States: A comparative study of Toronto, Ontario, and Buffalo, New York, 1880-1910
by Jenkins, William Michael
University of Toronto

Role of the New York City settlement houses in the education of women, 1890-1920
by Hendrickson, Mary Ruth
St. John's University (New York)

Irish immigrant involvement in collective violence in New York from 1845 to 1875
by O'Rourke, Hugh Emmett
City University of New York

Redefining the 'melting pot': American presidents and the immigrant, 1897-1933
by Vought, Hans Peter
University of Connecticut

Yellow masses, dangerous classes: The racialization of Filipino migrant labor in the United States, c. 1927-1951
by Baldoz, Rick A.
State University of New York, Binghamton

Finding work through sex: Transforming pre-war Japanese female migrant labourers into prostitutes, 1870-1930
by Mihalopulos, Vassilios Bill
New York University

Masculine sweat, stoop-labor modernity: Gender, race, and nation in mid-twentieth century Mexico and the U.S.
by Cohen, Deborah
University of Chicago

Border citizens: Race, labor, and identity in south-central Arizona, 1910-1965
by Meeks, Eric Vaughan
University of Texas, Austin


Immigrants and indigenes: Morphological variability and Irish-Viking interactions in the Early Historic period
by O'Donnabhain, Barra
University of Chicago

Defining French citizenship policy in West Africa, 1895-1956
by Dickens, Ruth H.L.
Emory University

For whose kingdom? Canadian Baptists and the evangelization of immigrants and refugees, 1880 to 1945
by Smale, Robert Richard
University of Toronto (Canada)

The power of Polonia. Post WWII Polish immigrants to Canada: Survivors of deportation and exile in Soviet labour campus
by Bajorek MacDonald, Helen Veronica
Trent University (Canada)

Creating a society worthy of the state: German citizenship and naturalization policies, 1842-1914
by Nathans, Eli
Johns Hopkins University

Who is in, who is out? An analysis of internal and international migration in China, 1990-1995
by Zhang, Tongxiao
Cornell University

Exile, transnational connections, and the construction of identity: Tibetan immigrants in Montreal
by Gardner, Mary Jane
Concordia University

Surveilling the Jamaican body: Leisure, imperialism, immigration and the Canadian imagination
by Browne, Simone Arlene
University of Toronto (Canada)

Adolescent development in the context of Canadian-Chinese immigrant families
by Lam, Ching Man
Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada)

Maintaining ethnicity: A case study in the maintenance of ethnicity among Chilean immigrant students
by Corlett, Stephanie A.
Carleton University (Canada)

People of the covenant: Dutch Reformed immigration into Canada after World War II
by Fallon, Michael Dennis
University of Guelph (Canada)

A heuristic study on successful Ethiopian refugees in British Columbia: Identity and the role of community
by Cheboud, Elias Assefa
University of Victoria (Canada)

Filipino women's migration to Japan's sex industry: A case of transnational gender subjection
by Fujieda, Eri
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Transnational ruptures: Political violence and refugee and (im)migrant experiences in Guatemala and Canada
by Nolin Hanlon, Catherine Lynn
Queen's University at Kingston (Canada)

A comparative study of migration in Mexico and Thailand
by Van Wey, Leah Karin
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The experience of exclusion: Strategies of adaptation among immigrants in post-apartheid urban South Africa
by Sinclair, Marion Debra Ryan
University of Washington

Emigration and local development in Meiji era Yamaguchi (Japan)
by Dresner, Jonathan Frederick
Harvard University

Fiscally induced migration in the European Union
by Karidis, Socrates
Clark University

Women in motion: Globalization, state policies, and labor migration in Asia
by Oishi, Nana
Harvard University

Migration in Venezuela, 1950-1990: A reassessment of the Guayana project
by Ravuri, Evelyn Dawn
University of Cincinnati

Migration, remittances and gender in the context of development: The case of Thailand
by Osaki, Keiko
Fordham University

No Asians allowed: The 'white Australia' and 'white Canada' immigration policies
by Kennedy, Ellen Jane
University of Minnesota

The Brittanic voices: Legislating citizenship in empire and nation-state
by Khan, Riaz
University of Chicago

Health, immigration, and settlement policies
by Aslund, Olof John
Uppsala Universitet (Sweden)

A ghost in the city: Return migratory experiences and constructions of identity in post-socialist Hungary
by Pope, Lisa Lynne
University of California, Los Angeles

Long-term adjustment after extremely challenging events in a sample of Vietnamese-Canadian seniors
by Griffiths, Stephanie Yvonne
Simon Fraser University (Canada)

The socio-cultural adaptation of Somali refugees in Toronto: An exploration of their integration experiences (Ontario)
by Mohamed, Hassan Ali
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The creation of Latino culture in Japan: An ethnography of Spanish-speaking Latin American immigrants in Tokyo
by Reyes-Ruiz, Rafael
New School for Social Research